7. Declawing the Felis catus – Why is this sadistic cruelty still allowed?

You may have guessed that I have an unwavering conviction about this subject.  You are absolutely correct.

Let me begin with where declawing is outlawed.  Declawing is currently banned in only 25 countries.  Alphabetically, this includes Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales, and Yugoslavia.

What countries are missing from the list?  In just the Americas from northernmost Murchison Promontory on Boothia Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada to southernmost Cape Froward, Chile, ALL countries are missing except Brazil.  Of the 195 countries in the world, 170 allow the surgical mutilation of cats by declawing.  What is missing I ask.

Onychectomy is the medical term for declawing.  It is a booming business in both the U.S. and Canada!  Declawing is not a manicure.  It is an abusive and cruel mutilation of cats.

Unthinking and unfeeling people might call it elective surgery.  Note – it’s not the cat who elects it!  It’s a human being who elects it and that human is one who definitely should not have a cat.  They are not cat people.

Declawing is not a removal of the just the claws of a cat as the name might imply.  This barbaric practice is actually the amputation of the first digit of each of the cat’s toes!  In human terms, it would be the equivalent of chopping off each finger and toe at the first knuckle.  This severs both muscles and tendons.  Folks, that’s not a manicure!  Why can’t most veterinarians tell the truth – or better yet, refuse to do it.

Domestic cats are digitigrade, meaning they walk on their toes.  His claws and toes are an integral part of making a cat a cat.  Think about that for a moment.  Declawing also robs a cat of his chief weapon of defense – his protractible claws.  Another way of stating this is that people have chosen to remove an entire tier from a cat’s defense hierarchy of behaviors.  Again, that sadistic maiming cannot be reversed.

The cruel disfigurement does absolutely nothing to benefit the cat.  Not only is this extremely painful surgery, but it includes phantom pain which may last for weeks or months.

It is non-reversible surgery.  The horrible suffering and disfigurement it causes are not offset by any benefit of any kind to the cat.  Declawed cats often are much more stressed out and behavior problems result.

So, why does your neighborhood vet do this?  It’s called money.  It has nothing to do with the welfare of your cat or the ethics of proper care of cats.  Again, it is a human being who elects this barbaric surgery.  It is also clear that the human is one who should never have a cat.  So, what you do think?

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5 thoughts on “7. Declawing the Felis catus – Why is this sadistic cruelty still allowed?

  1. I work as a physical therapist assistant. In my experience, all patients who have experienced an amputation have also experienced phantom pain of some sort or another. Sometimes this is just weird tingling or a sensation of itching or it can be intense pain. I disagree with your article that states this phantom pain can last for weeks or months. In every instance dealing with humans, in my experience, this pain has been permanent in some form or another. It also does not respond respond to pain meds, even morphine does not relieve it. Because cats are very stoic, not showing pain since this could be a sign of weakness and put them at risk of predation in the wild, they don’t show their pain. Humans think the cat is fine, but there is no reason to think they aren’t experiencing what humans experience who have had an amputation. The cats just can’t tell us about it in words. Even when cats have an antalgic gait following declawing, their human companions seem to blind to it. I have a friend with a declawed cat who is obviously suffering and she says that since the vet says he is ok the cat is fine. Yeah, the same vet who did that to him says he is fine.

  2. what really upsets me is the fact that some people claim to be animal lovers, even run TNR groups…and they declaw their house cats! I know a woman who has 20+ house cats, and she recently posted how she just declawed 2 in the past week and didn’t see a problem…she said “all my indoor cats are declawed” She REALLY does not get it.

  3. It’s me again! Just wanted to let you know that there are ongoing efforts to help end the cruel practice of declawing cats in Canada.

    Help Ban Declawing in Canada: This is the Facebook page with a legal printable petition – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-Ban-Declawing-in-Canada/168225469907539

    Printable federal petition and bracelets of support are also available on the Adopt Me Canada website/blog – http://adoptmecanada.blogspot.ca/p/help-ban-delcawing-in-canada-sign-my.html

    This group in Ontario has a legal printable petition on their Facebook page for Ontario residents of any age to print and sign.
    (no blog or website yet. Also available via email if someone contacts the group). –
    Ban Declawing “Paws with Claws” – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ban-Declawing-Paws-with-Claws/124582847726152

    Nova Scotia group – Ban Declawing in Nova Scotia – page on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/BanDeclawingInNovaScotia

    NS group is having success signing up vets and awarding certificates to those who take the pledge not to declaw.


    The Paw Project has come out with a documentary, “The Paw Project Movie”. Info on their website – http://pawproject.org/,
    and Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pawproject

    “Coming to a computer screen near you!”


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