5. The Little, Tiny, Baby, Girl Cat / Human Male DNA Flaws / Sanctuary

Greta is our little, tiny, baby, girl cat.  Now, I have no idea where that name came from.  It does not befit my sense of dignity and self-respect.  What I suspect is that one of my other cats whispered that phrase in my ear when I was sleeping – isn’t that called subliminal programming?  I would hate to think that any of my cats would be so sneaky.  Of course not!  What was I thinking?  Nevertheless, when I asked Clyde about it, he just began rolling around on the floor and said something about the great catnip toy I’d given him.

Well, it happened!  I was talking with some of my guy friends and I blurted out something about “… my little, tiny, baby, girl cat.”  These guys were speechless.  They began looking at the floor and started talking about how seasonal the weather was.  Then, they looked at their watches, looked distressed, mumbled something about being late, and they rushed off.  Such things are still a mystery to me.

Now, the facts in chronological order.  Greta was TNRed on 04 August 2010 and later returned to where we found her.  Then days later, we were shocked on the morning of 18 August to find her inextricably entangled in a chain link fence.  She had her head through one opening, her left leg through another opening, and then she apparently turned her head to reach up to unentangle herself.  As a result, she caught a tooth on the fence wire and she was helplessly hanging with her back feet barely touching the ground.

When I saw her, I immediately lifted her back feet off the ground so she wasn’t hanging.  A neighbor came out and I asked him to get a heavy cutter to sever the fencing around her.  It took four cuts to remove her.  Nancy had already gotten a cat carrier from the house and Greta and I were on the way to our vet.  Fortunately, he’s less than a half mile away and took us in immediately.

She couldn’t support herself on her left leg.  Subcutaneous fluid and steroid injections, rest, observation, speculation that a kitten could heal more readily, an overnight stay at the clinic, and hope were combined as the treatment.  We picked up our little, tiny, baby, girl cat (Greta) the next day.  She was still having difficulty in trying to stand and move.

We had already decided to sanctuary her – there just was no way we could return her outside.  We did not know how she would heal, but we knew she’d be safer with us inside the house.  She was and is – and she appears to be fully recovered.  Greta is still a kitten who pounces on any available cat tail and chases the other cats around.  However, they do appreciate the breaks her long naps give them.

Head butts, love bites, and kitty kisses to all – except those speechless guy “friends.”

Now we just talk about the weather and “guy” stuff.  Strangely, none of them have ever asked about that little, tiny, baby, girl cat.  Well, life goes on.